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best music school in Kolkata Sur Taal Chhanda

Who we are

We are one of the best and leading music school in Kolkata. To be very precise, we are not only a music school, we are a musical family. In this family our students exchange their passion, spontaneous reactions about music which help them to learn music in much deeper level. Starting our journey in 2008, we have trained many students across different genre of music. Our mission is to instill the essence of Indian music to our students. We have developed high quality music lessons for our students so that they deliver their performance flawlessly. We are accredited by PRACHIN KALA KENDRA. CHANDIGARH.

Discover what can you get from our music school in Kolkata

Discover what can you get from our music school in Kolkata

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Mobile No. 9831728582 / 8697585646

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These classes are simple to understand and easy to follow

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A quick introduction about our founder

Smt. Aditi Banerjee

Smt. Aditi Banerjee is a highly sought after in-demand vocalist & music teacher in Kolkata. She has over 40 years of experience in music. She has trained more than 300 students.

She stood FIRST CLASS FIRST and received GOLD MEDAL in MA in Vocal Music from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata in the year 2003.

She stood FIRST in DOVER LANE MUSIC CONFERENCE in the year 2008.

Received many RECOGNITIONS from Indian television & many reputed institutions.

Due to her OUTSTANDING academic records in Rabindra Bharati University, she is honoured as an Examiner of that university.

MEET Smt. Aditi Banerjee... Let's find out why she is one of the BEST :

Why Should You Choose Us?

Let’s face it…

Are you still STRUGGLING to master the basics of notes, scales or voice training?

We understand that it is really FRUSTRATING…

Here is a real FACT for you…

99% of students we have seen so far, are NOT PERFORMING as they should.

Because they lack PROPER TRAINING.


If you are one of them, here is an EXCITING solution for you…

You can fix the problem QUITE EASILY…

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We will be with you until –

You yourself FEEL confident to sing any kind of music in front of your audience effortlessly.

Get ready with awesome learning experience

Not sure if Sur Taal Chhanda is the BEST CHOICE for you?

Here are a few examples for you…

We deliver VALUE & PERFORMANCE, as promised…

Start with Keys and Scales, finish with Rhythms and Melodies. In this journey, I will personally guide you till the end.

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Mobile No. 9831728582 / 8697585646

Imagine how would it feel when you are able to perform by using proper techniques, emotion, expression & melodies


You will delight & WIN THE HEARTS of a lot of people around you. Isn’t it?

You will start getting more ACCEPTANCE & RECOGNITION from people.

It’s all because you decided to TAKE ACTION TODAY.

Just do it.

I will see you inside the class.

With Overflowing Love

Smt. Aditi Banerjee

Great Stuff to Learn...

Learn Dance

Learn Guitar

Learn Synthesizer / Keyboard

Learn Violin

Learn Tabla

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Minimum age to learn signing is 3 years.

Yes, you can. In our music classes, we get as interactive as possible, to understand our students, so that his/her journey with us becomes smooth & comfortable.

Right now we are conducting online classes only.

Yes, you can. Because in ‘new normal’ situations, online teaching is the primary method of teaching. Moreover, our music teachers are well-experienced to conduct online classes. In these classes, we add EXCELLENT VALUE, so that our students can learn a lot of new things.

Yes. In order to get better clarity, good understanding & faster learning, you have to buy the instrument.

You may please contact us through text, e-mail, whatsapp & call.
Text / WhatsApp/Call : 9831728582 / 8697585646