Do you want to get superior dance moves and beat your competitors?
Sur Taal Chhanda, one of the

Best Dance School in Kolkata,

is a WONDERFUL PLATFORM to accompany you Perform the moves effortlessly and EXPRESS YOURSELF in social functions, parties or weddings
Best dance school in Kolkata Sur Taal Chhanda

Who We Are

One of the best dance school in Kolkata. We provide you the perfect ambience to immerse yourself in dance with us so that you can excel in skill, expression and body language. Our masterclasses specially designed for you, help to reach your dance goals faster. Our moto is to make you a complete performer. Grow with us and explore more with us!!!

Our dance classes in Kolkata are filled with (suitable for beginner of any age or intermediate dancer)

Hence YOU will be benefited in many ways :

Take dance as your hobby or as profession

Treat dance as a form of Yoga, become physically healthy,mentally sound & NUTRITIONALLY prepared as a dancer. Have FUN on the dance floor !!!

"We promise to deliver you a mesmerizing experience in our dance classes."

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Mobile No. 9831728582 / 8697585646

When you learn dancing, you need to follow three simple steps:

You need to learn the BASICS first

Get the right amount of PRACTICE of these basics

Learn to put the basics in the RIGHT ORDER.

What you can expect from us?

UNLEASH your NEW MOVES on the dance floor (No prior experience required).
We provide you sufficient preparation for performing at the highest level flawlessly.
We show you right dance moves at the right pace with the right amount of repetition to perform effortlessly.
We guide you STEP-BY-STEP until you become FLUENT in dancing.
Get RELAXED as you LOSE YOURSELF in the music. Hence, our dance classes are suitable for you, if…
a) You are an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER /ADULT BEGINNER & LOVE TO DANCE (no prior dance experience needed)
b) You have DANCED BEFORE & want to PERFECT your SKILLS now to take your dancing to a new level.

Are you still confused to choose the best dance teacher who will take you through all aspects of dancing?

No more worries, no more confusion…Let’s have some fun!!!

We are here to serve you till the end…

You can discuss your key concerns, areas of improvements etc with our dance teacher.

Your dance instructor will listen to you carefully and will plan dance classes accordingly.

That means, we will be teaching you:

1. Daily moves that will help you to build your coordination & strength.
2. Complex moves that are INSANELY EASY to learn.

3. How to stay on beat with the music.

4. STEP-BY-STEP exercises to start building your CONFIDENCE in dancing.

Want more from us ? We love to deliver more for our students who love to get more from us!!!

For aspiring & competitive youth dancers who are looking to take their skills to the next level, we conduct MASTER CLASSES for them.

Our teaching faculty is thoroughly qualified, experienced & dedicated for this profession. They are FRIENDLY & LIKEABLE in nature.

They are creating EXCITING and UNIQUE CHOREOGRAPHIES that blend the BEST ASPECTS from many forms of dance.
We promise to deliver you a mesmerizing experience in our dance classes.

Call Me Now

Mobile No. 9831728582 / 8697585646

Frequently Asked Questions :

Yes, Sur Taal Chhanda is conducting online dance classes only. Right now we are not taking offline classes.

Our dance teachers are experienced enough. They have handled hundreds of students. They are conducting online classes right from the beginning of Covid-19 crisis. So they can well understand your concern & will guide you accordingly. You will also find it easy.

Dance is an ageless form of expression. Hence there is no age limit to learn dance. If you love to dance, we make it fun and easy for you.

Just call, text or message us, pay the admission fees and get started in no time!

You may please contact us through text, e-mail, whatsapp & call.
Text / WhatsApp/Call : 9831728582 / 8697585646