Have you fallen in love with playing music by just pressing keys?
Ignite your passion & learn keyboard

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best Keyboard / Synthesizer Class in Kolkata

Best keyboard synthesizer class in Kolkata Sur Taal Chhanda

Who We Are

Having learned from top performers, we have developed contemporary keyboard classes. Learn from one of the best keyboard synthesizer class in Kolkata. Our course starts from absolute beginning, goes deep step-by-step with all exceptional details and techniques to play your favourite songs and ensures you have enough practice exercises to develop your fingers and your skills.

We are really excited to present our Keyboard / Synthesizer classes in front of you.


You will learn the skills from our TALENTED teachers with excellent professional records.


Transform yourself from a beginner to a MASTER keyboard player

If you are wanting to learn basics,here are they:
KEYBOARD BASICS, designed for the beginners are building blocks for a successful musical journey –

Correct posture and fingering

Note Names (Black Keys & White Keys)

Sharps & Flats

Chord Voicings



Music theory

Reading Chorded Sheet Music

What will you get from our Keyboard / Synthesizer classes in Kolkata ?

Learn from talented teachers with excellent professional records.
Get solid FOUNDATION on important music theories and playing methods
Express your musical ideas in CREATIVE ways
Playing EXPRESSIVELY with both hands simultaneously
Get COOL keyboard exercises and play electronic musical elements for your tracks!
TUNE YOURSELF while playing the music.
Develop essential MUSICAL SKILLS for professional assignments.

There are lessons section and then exercises section where you can TEST your skills (which can also just be a great REFRESHER if you already know a bit about what you’re doing).

GREAT features of our classes:
Keyboard / Synthesizer has been one of the most crucial building blocks of modern music including Bollywood songs.
Take a moment to view few of our features which help you further in your musical journey :

No prior experience is required

We ensure step-by-step LEARNING for you

AMAZING learning ambience

We inspire you for SOLO performance

Consistent notice on your PROGRESS

Get rid of your performance anxiety

Move beyond the basics, be a MASTER & play virtually any style of music ranging from classical to contemporary music.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Yes, you can. There is no age limit to learn violin. You can start any time.

If you love to play synthesizer, it is never too late.

Yes, you can. At this moment, our keyboard teachers are taking online classes only. You will get a detailed & step-by-step explanation with a lot of patience from our teachers in online classes.

Children can start learning from the age 5. However, our classes are open for all age groups e.g. children, teenagers, youth & adults.

Online timing of classes can be fixed based on convenience of both student & teacher.

You may please contact us through text, e-mail, whatsapp & call.
Text / WhatsApp/Call : 9831728582 / 8697585646