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best singing class in Kolkata

best singing class in kolkata Sur Taal Chhanda

Who We Are

We are known for our exclusive, incredibly powerful and  best singing class in Kolkata. Our award-winning singing teacher in classical and other forms of singing, personally teaches here making each class completely unique and refreshing for your soul, body and mind. Our powerful techniques make our students perform within a few weeks. Discover your exciting and results-oriented successful journey with us.

Discover the ‘NEVER BEFORE’ learning experience when you spend an evening with us in our singing class.

Let’s enjoy the colourful singing :

How far away are you from becoming an EXCELLENT singer?

Are you still going through the BORING music classes in Kolkata ?

And MISSING the exciting world of singing of Sur-Taal-Chhanda?

No more, please…

Turn yourself from a mediocre singer to an excellent singer…

CURIOUS to know more ?

OK…Let’s explore what we teach in our singing classes…

Indian Classical Music
Raagpradhan Bangla Gaan
Modern Songs
Bollywood Songs
Other genres of Indian Music

Nothing new ?

Rather SIMILAR to other signing classes in Kolkata?

Not really…

We have got lots of things in store which are quite SPECIAL FOR YOU.

How far away are you from becoming an EXCELLENT singer?

We follow INNOVATIVE & PROVEN teaching methods for our students.

Our each signing class is a MASTERCLASS for each of our students with examples & explanations.

We teach everything in GREAT DETAILS which other institutes prefer to ignore.

As a result our students find it EASY to understand (even if you are a beginner).

They get AMPLE OPPORTUNITIES to make their basics right with correct pitch, timber, scale etc.

Soon they start singing with proper techniques and become PASSIONATE to learn more.

We do everything with lots of FUN & ENJOYMENT !!!

"Do something AWESOME and talk about that !!!"

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Do you want to get a more confident, powerful & DEEPER voice ?

Learn to improve your singing with better VOCAL FOUNDATION.

Go through our Voice Gym / Voice Training course – We do it in INNOVATIVE ways.

As a result it becomes more INTERESTING to our students.

Voice Exercise will help you to understand (suitable for all level of students):

Have you identified your own personal SINGING GOALS?

No?…Wait a minute…

Let us help you in doing so…

We will guide you in step-by-step process (no experience required) :

“Start with keys & scales, finish with rhythms & melodies. In this journey, I will personally guide you till the end”

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Mobile No. 9831728582 / 8697585646

Still FEELING PAIN as you struggle to sing properly & without any improvement for years?

No more from TODAY…

DISCOVER your hidden talents with us


DEVELOP yourself to a much better singer.

We have many EXAMPLES of this in our academy.

Let us enjoy few more songs from our students :

Want to get more from us ? We are ready to deliver…

If you are :

Really passionate & want to take singing professionally
Want to go deep into the finer nuances of vocal music


Lots of insightful & delightful lessons to enrich your knowledge
Technical discussion with great depth & dimension
Lots & lots of TAKEAWAYS to become a complete singer
Be more confident to OUTPERFORM your competitors

To our online students of US, UK & Europe

For your convenience, we arrange Vocal Music classes in your local times


Frequently Asked Questions :

There is no age limit. You can join at any age. Minimum age to learn signing is 3 years.

Yes, you can. In our music classes, we get as interactive as possible, to understand our students, so that his/her journey with us becomes smooth & comfortable.

Right now we are conducting online classes only.

Yes, you can. Because in ‘new normal’ situations, online teaching is the primary method of teaching. Moreover, our music teachers are well-experienced to conduct online classes. In these classes, we add EXCELLENT VALUE, so that our students can learn a lot of new things.

Yes. In order to get better clarity, good understanding & faster learning, you have to buy the instrument.

It depends. We will check your knowledge & advice you where you can start from.

You may please contact us through text, e-mail, whatsapp & call.
Text / WhatsApp/Call : 9831728582 / 8697585646