Are you passionate about Strings & looking for the most in-depth violin training in Kolkata ?
Sur Taal Chhanda offering one of the

best VIOLIN CLASS in Kolkata

from the BEGINNING.
Best Violin Class In Kolkata Sur Taal Chhanda


Keeping in view our insatiable desire for the propagation of the glory of music of all forms, we designed the violin course accordingly  for our  students. Learn from one of the best violin class in Kolkata. We combined the rich legacy of this string instrument with phenomenal heritage of Indian music.  As a result, our students learn original and new techniques in violin under the teacher of eminence. Join us and become a master in performance.

You’re in the right place if you’ve never played violin before but looking for in-depth understanding on how to play the violin from scratch.

Yes…We are offering best beginner violin training that offers many unique features :

For the beginners, we offer an amazing starting point :

Learn how to hold bow & the violin

Bowing Techniques, Prescale exercises and scales (Ascending & Descending)

Tuning the Violin

Exercises related to the instrument

Beginning Music Theory of Violin

Learn Vibrato

How to place and work with your fingers correctly etc.

Who can join our violin classes ?

Anybody who LOVE to play violin
Anybody who wants to play violin for ENJOYMENT - No prior skills required
Anyone who wants to become a professional performer or a musician.

Violins are important instruments in a wide variety of musical genres.

It makes up a large part of an orchestra.

The string instrument has come to be incorporated in many non-western music cultures, including Indian music.

The tone of the violin stands apart above other different instruments, making it perfect for playing a melody line.

In the possession of a decent player, the violin is very agile, and can execute fast and difficult series of notes.

But for some people, it takes months to practice until it sounds nice. Are you one of them?

Frustrated with slow progress?

Don’t worry …

For most people it takes time to pick-up but when things finally start to happen, it is really fun.

Looking for the best possible start ?

Start with a knowledgeable violin teacher who can guide you carefully in each step

Having years of quality education and experience

Seasoned, certified, yet FUN LOVING teacher!

Boom…Your search is finally over !!!

Discover the joy of playing the violin with us!!!

Our teachers are certified from recognised universities, having excellent track record of professional achievements!!!

Our violin classes in Kolkata are ideally suitable for you.

It starts with the basic foundations and builds from there with easy to follow instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Yes, you can. There is no age limit to learn violin. You can start any time.

If you love to play violin, it is never too late. We strongly advocate for adults learning to play the violin.

Yes, you can. At this moment, our violin teachers are taking online classes only. You will get a detailed & step-by-step explanation with a lot of patience from our teachers in online classes.

Children can start learning from the age 5. However, our classes are open for all age groups e.g. children, teenagers, youth & adults.

Online timing of classes can be fixed based on convenience of both student & teacher.

You may please contact us through text, e-mail, whatsapp & call.
Text / WhatsApp/Call : 9831728582 / 8697585646